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STARTGATE PRO was designed to give BMX racers an affordable practice gate system, which conforms to the current UCI random start regulations. STARTGATE PRO can be used with any professional or homemade start gate, and uses a simple one-button operation.

What is the STARTGATE PRO?

The STARTGATE PRO, is a portable electronic controller system which can easily be connected to any metal or wooden start ramp. It gives riders the ability to practice their starts with the UCI random start sequence. The system can be connected to either an electromagnet or air ram. More details about both options can be found on our FAQ page.

SGP without magnet web

NEW StartGate Pro now with voice cadence only £160 The original StartGate Pro was designed and sold in 2008, at the time, to keep the system affordable, the voice was replaced with a series of tones. After many attempts to source affordable parts, in 2016 we have finally been able to improve the system to include the voice.

Further Questions
Please browse the other pages of our website, as they contain much more detailed information on how the STARTGATE PRO works, but if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us: stacey@startgatepro.com